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Emergency Exit Lights & Exit Signs

Don’t Leave Your Establishment in the Dark.

Proper emergency lighting and exit lights are essential to keeping individuals safe and efficient in exiting a building in case of an emergency. You must keep exit signs in proper working condition as required by OSHA and Life Safety Code requirements.

Fire Code Design will always leave your Exit Lights:

  • Emergency Exit Lights In Working and Operable Condition
  • Annual Inspection Stickers as required by Local Codes
  • Batteries and Blubs in Proper Order
  • A Log Test Book
  • Safe and Efficient Scheduling

Your Emergency lights and Emergency lighting provide lighting in corridors, stairwells, and exit passageways during power outages and times of emergency.

  • Complete inventory of parts and batteries
  • Written inspection records and audits

Emergency Exit LightsRemoval and safe disposal of old batteries

Exit Sign

Photoluminescent Exit Markers

Pathway and Exit Lighting

Fire Code Design provides non-electrical photo-luminescent exit markers on walls and in stairways for an easy to find exit in emergencies.

When all else fails, photoluminescent markers still function during any blackouts, emergencies or fires.

Qualities of Photoluminescent Products:

Requires no electricity
Explosion and vapor proof
Non-toxic, non-radioactive
Requires no recess mounting

20 Years + Life Expectancy (No Maintenance)
Cost Effective and energy efficient
No Batteries or hazardous material disposal

We can customize our systems to compliment your interior décor.

Photoluminescent Exit

Photoluminescent Stairway

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